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The Barbara R. Crevling Memorial Grant for the Arts provides an opportunity for fifth grade and twelfth grade students with creativity, passion and potential for whom assistance is important to further develop their artistic (non-athletic) ability in their creative field.   This grant provides financial assistance in the form of reimbursement for materials, equipment, training or related schooling.

Selection Criteria

  1. Students show an ability, passion and potential in their artistic endeavor

  2. Students have a sustained interest in and commitment to their chosen field

  3. Students possess talent, ability and creativity that stands out and has the potential to grow exponentially with the support of this grant

  4. Students’ talent is demonstrable and recognizable by teachers, parents and/or professionals.

Timelines/Important Information - 2024

Applications (see below for application form) will be accepted from Monday, February 12 until Monday, March 18, 2024. See elow for links to application forms.

Students’ applications will be acknowledged by email with instructions for the presentation of their art form. 


Artistic presentations will take place at the Cornwall Middle School on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 with finalist interviews on April 29, 2024. 

After the artistic presentations, finalists will be selected. Finalist interviews will be held on
Tuesday, May 7, 2024 for 12th grade finalists and Wednesday, May 8, 2024 for 5th grade finalists.

Any questions can be directed to Lynn Crevling (5th Grade) and Dana Crevling (12th Grade).

NOTE: Student candidates for the Barbara R. Crevling Memorial Grant are required to have a sponsor.  The sponsor must complete and submit a Crevling Memorial Grant Sponsor Recommendation Form.  Examples of sponsors include an art or a music teacher, mother or father, or other relative.  The sponsor must have had an opportunity to experience the candidate's talent and be willing to endorse the student candidate and his or her talent.


Barbara R. Crevling was a teacher who loved to teach.  She taught for about 20 years, mostly in the Cornwall School District. One of Barbara’s unique gifts as a teacher was her ability to seek out, encourage and help each child develop his or her potential.  

Barbara passed away in 1978 at age 44.   In 1980, with a desire to perpetuate Barbara’s creative spirit, her colleagues in the CCTA created this grant in her memory.  Grant awards are presented annually to fifth and twelfth grade students, focusing on creativity, passion for creative pursuits and the potential for creative growth.

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